2023-2024 Catalog

ART 252 Video Art

This course takes an art-based approach toward the theory and practice of time-based media with particular emphasis placed on the moving image. Various media and many approached will be investigated in relation to conceptual, formal, and technical ways in which to make art with time as its foundation. Sound art, performance, and 2D animation will also be discussed as we explore the relationship of image to time, image to sound, and image to body. Specific time-based forms used by artists will be presented, such as sequential imagery, photo sequence and text, language, performance, audio works, film theory, video and multimedia. The course comprises technical lectures, laboratory demonstrations, slide lectures of historic and contemporary art, and critiques of student work. Approximately 3 hours of laboratory work is done weekly in addition to scheduled class time. Upon completion of the course, a student can expect to have a thorough understanding of the basics of time-based art. This includes fluidity with video and sound editing, understanding of conceptual art, practices and competency with digital video cameras and microphone use. [H]


ART 175 or FAMS 102