2023-2024 Catalog

FREN 326 La Jeunesse à l'écran: Youth in French and Francophone Cinema

This course studies films which center youth characters and narratives about what it means to “come of age” in the contemporary Francosphere. Beginning with Truffaut’s iconic Les 400 coups, this course analyzes cinematic representations of youth rebels, misfits, delinquents, troublemakers, gender benders, and rule breakers. It explores youth as a space of self-discovery, personal and social transformation, and resistance. While the course focuses on films from France, it also includes the work of directors from North and West Africa, Canada, and the Caribbean. Featured directors include Truffaut, Godard, Dolan, Bouzid, Kassovitz, Sciamma, Doucouré, and Mati Diop. Course conducted in French. [GM1, GM2, H]


French 211 or equivalent level of proficiency