2023-2024 Catalog

IA 380 Contemporary Europe: Between Crisis and Cooperation

This interdisciplinary seminar focuses on the analysis of several large-scale crises that have shaken European economies, politics, and societies in recent years. With the help of several case studies, such as the Euro crisis, the refugee crisis, and Brexit, we are asking what situations constitute a "crisis" and for whom or what? How did these crises turn from local or national problems into large-scale European-level crises? How are these national,  transnational, and supranational crises linked to the rise of right-and left-wing populism? The course will assess these timely questions and ask why the existing mechanisms of cooperation have become insufficient and how to address these shortcoming. [GM2, W]


A&S 204 or Govt 102 or Govt 103 or IA 200 or permission of instructor


von Wahl