2023-2024 Catalog

REES 270 National and Transnational Cinemas

In this class we will study various cinemas of the world and the cultural, political, and historical contexts from which they emerge. Through screenings, complementary readings, and case-studies, and guided discussion we will develop an understanding of the theoretical debates as they relate to concepts of "national," "global," and "third" cinemas, and explore different systems of production and distribution. Looking at how cinema across the world can be a means of expression, a form of entertainment, and an instrument for political change, we will examine the ways in which films reflect the cultures from which they emerge and how they, in turn, influence those and other cultures. [GM1, GM2, H] Pre-req: FAMS 101

Cross Listed Courses

FAMS 270


FAMS 101, A&S 102, or permission of instructor