2023-2024 Catalog

SPAN 225 Business Spanish

This course is designed to teach advanced students how to use their language skills within the context of the Spanish-speaking professional world. Students acquire specialized vocabulary and knowledge related to topics such as banking and finance, telecommunications, import/export operations, advertising, and marketing. Course activities include composition of business letters and résumés, summaries, and translation of official documents and business correspondence, exploration and analysis of commerce-related Internet sites, and completion and presentation of a country-specific team project. Class/laboratory. [H]


SPAN 211, or equivalent proficiency. Students with two or more years of high school Spanish should submit their AP, IB, or SAT II score to the Registrar or take the placement test administered by the Department. First-year students should take the online placement test prior to registration. Continuing students should make an appointment with the Foreign Languages & Literatures Department Head to take the exam prior to registration




Business Spanish is required for majors in International Economics and Commerce; it does not count toward the major or minor programs in Spanish.