2023-2024 Catalog

Chemical Engineering, B.S. Major


The program consists of a minimum of 14 major courses and 11 collateral courses:

MATH 161Calculus I

MATH 162Calculus II

MATH 263Calculus III

MATH 264Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

CHEM 107General Chemistry I

CHEM 108General Chemistry II

CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I

An approved Chemistry elective


PHYS 131Physics I: Mechanics


PHYS 151Accelerated Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics


ES 101Introduction to Engineering

An approved engineering/engineering science elective

CHE 211Material and Energy Balances

CHE 222Thermodynamics

CHE 311Transport Phenomena

CHE 312Experimental Design I

CHE 321Applied Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

CHE 322Experimental Design II

CHE 424Process Control

CHE 325Mass Transfer, Separations, and Bioseparations

CHE 412Integrated Chemical Engineering

CHE 413Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design

CHE 415Design Analysis

CHE 422Design Synthesis

CHE Two CHE electives

This page reflects the requirements for completing this major. General graduation requirements for all students can be found here