2023-2024 Catalog

Global History Minor


The minor consists of a minimum of five courses:

The Minor in Global History consists of five History courses, including HIST 105, a research seminar or colloquium that focuses on global history, plus three other courses that focus on global history (see list of “global” history courses). This minor is distinct from the History minor.

Global History Courses

HIST 105History of the Modern World

HIST 114Food Histories in the Americas

HIST 115The Crusades

HIST 118The Cold War

HIST 120History in Pictures

HIST 212The Middle East in the Mind of America, America in the Mind of the Middle East

HIST 215History of Technology

HIST 238Global Stimulants: Histories of Coffee, Tea, and Yerba Mate

HIST 261Slavery in the Americas

HIST 276Conquest: A History

HIST 310Colloquium: Human Rights and Modern War