2023-2024 Catalog

Government & Law and Foreign Languages, Spanish Track Major


The major consists of a minimum of 14 courses:

GOVT 102Introduction to International Politics

GOVT 103Introduction to Comparative Politics


GOVT One GOVT 400-level seminar


GOVT 390-391Independent Study


GOVT 495-496Thesis

Four electives from:

GOVT 227Latin American Political History from the Conquest to the Present

GOVT 332Globalization and Security

GOVT 334American Security Policy

GOVT 336International Conflict

Spanish courses:

SPAN 111Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 112Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 211Advanced Spanish

Four electives from:

SPAN 225Business Spanish

SPAN 311Survey of Spanish Literature II

SPAN 313Texts and Contexts: Iberia (post-1900)

SPAN 314Texts and Contexts: Latin America (post-1900)

SPAN 318Survey of Spanish American Literature II

SPAN 428Seminar in Modern Spanish American Literature and Culture

SPAN 495-496Thesis in Spanish

This page reflects the requirements for completing this major. General graduation requirements for all students can be found here