2023-2024 Catalog

Auditing Courses

A student may petition the Student Affairs Committee for permission to register as an auditor no later than the end of the two-week drop/add deadline (or equivalent in summer sessions). The audit option may not be used for courses during the winter-interim session or for courses taken as part of domestic and international off-campus studies programs. 

Requests must include the approval of the instructor and the academic advisor or the head of the department in which the course is offered.

Normally, a student who is auditing a course may not change status so that credit is awarded. In those instances where conversion seems justified, it may occur only upon approval of the Student Affairs Committee prior to midterm.

Auditing privileges are limited to listening and observing in the classroom. Auditors do not take exams nor complete other written assignments, nor may they expect the instructor to comment on or evaluate such work. No credit will be granted, but upon recommendation of the instructor, the fact that the individual has audited the course will be noted on the permanent record if the student has met attendance regulations and other requirements set by the instructor. Courses which require a high degree of participation (e.g., laboratory courses, studio art courses, and foreign languages emphasizing conversation) may not be audited.

A regularly enrolled full-time student may audit one and, under unusual circumstances, two courses per semester by petition to the Student Affairs Committee and with the approval of the academic adviser and the instructor in the course or the head of the department in which the course is offered.

Degree-seeking students are not charged for auditing privileges in any semester in which they are enrolled full time.