2023-2024 Catalog

Repeating a Course

  • A student may repeat any course in which a grade no higher than D+ was earned (in any attempt).
  • The final (latest) letter grade earned will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA, and if applicable, in the major/minor GPA.
  • All grades and all attempts remain on the student academic record, however, credit for the course may be counted only once.
  • If a course that was originally passed is failed in the repeat, then the credit earned for that course will be lost and the F will be factored into the GPA.
  • If a student withdraws (WD) from a repeated course, there is no adjustment made on the grade/credit of the original attempt.
  • A grade that was originally earned in a course may not be changed by repeating the course under the pass-fail option.
  • If a student wishes to have the latest grade for a repeated course counted in their GPA calculation, the student must repeat the identical course at Lafayette or an approved equivalent course through LVAIC cross-registration. For courses repeated elsewhere, the transfer grade will not replace the Lafayette grade.
  • Students are responsible for determining any academic or financial implications for repeating courses.
  • The new policy will be implemented beginning with courses repeated in Fall 2022. It is not retroactive and does not apply to any course repeated prior to Fall 2022.